Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 4

Day 3 was combination of Days 1 and 2 minus the baked potato of the Day 2 dinner. Of course, I was also allowed all the cabbage soup I wanted to eat. For dinner last night, I fixed steamed cauliflower and Brussels sprouts along with cooked carrots. Normally, when I fix cauliflower for us to eat, I usually pour a mustard sauce over it. The sauce consists of a combination of my homemade vinegarette and brown mustard watered down with a little water. Since I could not have the vinegarette, I watered down some spicy brown mustard and poured it over the vegetables. It was great and added some flavor to this bland diet. For dessert, I had eight strawberries. All of this was washed down by herbal tea. Exciting? No, this is incredibly dull!!!

Despite the monotony of this diet and the very limited foods I have been allowed to eat, I am not particularly hungry and I still have not tired of the taste of cabbage soup. What has happened is that I dread having to fix anything to eat because I know it is going to be dull and bland. Also, I am still having a problem with bloating due to gas from the cabbage in the soup. Nevertheless, I slept fairly well last night.

I woke up this morning dreading Day 4 which allows for bananas (up to six), non-fat milk, and of course, the ever present cabbage soup. The idea of drinking milk and eating cabbage soup nauseated me so I dropped the milk from today's foods. That left bananas and ... you guessed it - cabbage soup!

Early this morning, I had to take our eldest dog into the vet to have her teeth cleaned so I grabbed a banana for breakfast. Woo Hoo (sarcasm intended)! I like bananas okay, but one per day is like the max for me, so more than that is not particularly appealing. Since my day started early and I was hungry at 11 am, I had an early lunch consisting of a bowl of cabbage soup. Then around one, I had another banana which max'ed me out on bananas. Finally around four today, I was hungry again and had a second bowl of cabbage soup. I do not think I can face another banana today. And it makes me bloat up just to think about one more bowl of cabbage soup. I am about ready to bag this crazy diet and just eat right. Perhaps that is the point of the Cabbage Soup Diet and why its originator is anonymous.

My husband is disappointed in me for not staying with this the entire five days, but I am seriously considering bidding this diet goodbye and eat some real food tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be beef day. So I am thinking about having a small ground sirloin patty with some asparagus and a small amount of rice. It will be low calorie and more important, real food. I am still debating and will post later as to my decision.

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Sharon said...

I vote for the sirloin and asparagus and leave off the rice...just for tonight. You've done so well!