Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 2

Last night, I could not sleep. My stomach was jumping and gaseous, a side effect that the website warned about. I am hoping that feeling of gassy bloating will subside as this diet progresses.

Day 2 allows for cabbage soup plus all the vegetables I wish to eat except peas, dried beans, and corn. Tonight I get a real treat...a baked potato with butter on it. I am not joking when I say that I am really looking forward to that baked potato because I am already feeling some deprivation.

After only one day, some realities have emerged. I believe the cabbage soup diet does not possess any magical qualities that suddenly burn off a lot of fat. What it does do is fill you up with lots of low calorie fber and its attendant gas.

I have found that I am not really hungry at all. But I am feeling deprived of eating things I want to enjoy. I am eating much less on this diet than I envisioned before I began it and perhaps that is the real purpose of it.

This morning, I had a bowl of cabbage soup for breakfast. Unlike some folks, I do not mind the cabbage soup. I made mine spicy by adding the diced tomatoes that had green chilis in them instead of plain diced tomatoes. I did not even eat a snack this morning but went for a three mile brisk walk instead. For lunch, I had a big plate of cauliflower with salt and pepper on it. Cauliflower gave me something with texture to eat and I really enjoyed it.

It is interesting what I am missing after only being on this diet for one and a half days. I am not missing sugar or sweets. I am not missing wine or alcohol. I am not missing snacks. I am not missing meat. But I am missing carbs and in particular, bread. I love bread and I really miss it. There will not be one slice of bread during five days that I will be on the diet. In fact, the closest thing to bread is the baked potato that I will be allowed to have tonight.

I am using the Cabbage Soup Diet to jump start me into losing ten pounds over the next two and a half months, with April 1 being the date for my goal weight. Luckily I will only be on this for five days instead of the full seven. Then I will go back to eating more normally but with weighing measuring all my food and avoiding refined sugar.

So far, I am soldiering on.

Addendum to Day 2:

I have had problems both days in the afternoon when I felt lightheaded and somewhat lethargic. About mid afternoon, I ate a second bowl of cabbage soup but that did not seem to help much. I have already gone through half of the pot of soup I made. Right now, I am wondering if I will make even five days. I am going to try to take it one day at a time, but I am beginning to think the caloric intake may be too low for someone like me who does not need to lose a lot of weight.

Tonight is a baked potato and Brussels sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts so that is good.

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