Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Did Not Write This

I did not write the following, but the person who did could have written it about herself. What she did was write this because she knew that I was feeling unappreciated. Sometimes a few kind words can really make a person's day. The following did just that for me. Thank you, Jena, for understanding and empathizing. You are the one who taught me about being a friend. You are truly the one who ROKs!

"Earlier this morning, while chatting with one of my internet friends, I was once again reminded of how wonderful it is to have her friendship.

NEVER ONCE during our brief friendship, has she ever failed to lend an ear if I needed someone to talk too.

Her friendship is something that I will always treasure! I just hope that I give her the same sort of strength that she gives to me.

I know this is one of those mushy posts, but it's something that I wanted to share.

If at some point today, you talk to one of your internet friends. Take the time to tell them how much you value their friendship.

Don't just need a friend, be a friend...........your life will be blessed because of it!

This post is dedicated to one of the nicest ladies that I've NEVER had the pleasure to meet!

BINGO, you ROK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've lifted my spirits more often than you realize!"


Jena said...

Just when I thought I was having a crappy day, I came over here and read this!

You've cheered me up again!!!

Karma said...
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