Sunday, December 19, 2004

Oh Fudge

Today I made two batches of fudge, one chocolate and one peanut butter. Everything about making fudge or any other kind of candy is precise. The timing and the temperature have to be just right or it either ends up too sugary or won't set properly. Working in a household populated by a husband and four dogs does not always lend itself to my being precise at candy making or anything else.

It never fails as I am both timing the sugar syrup and watching the temperature on the candy thermometer, the phone rings. Since my husband was out of the house, there was no one to answer it in the four rings before it goes to the recorder. Four rings is an eternity when the first ring sets off barking by three of our four dogs. Chaos ensued.

The phone stopped ringing after four rings, and the message went to the recorder. However, a strange voice on the recorder simply encouraged more barking. Three dogs barking while I am helplessly tied to the stove and the candy thermometer left me with my teeth gritting. Finally the syrup was finished, my fudge was poured, the dregs were tasted and tasted some more, and I am now on a sugar high for the rest of the night. God rest ye merry little candymaker.


Ethel said...

Yay! I got bingo blogging!

Bingo said...

AmyH is the one who has me inspired to write this blog.

eeff said...

my step mother would try to make fudge LOL
it never got hard .
it was stringy. you ate it with a fork.