Sunday, January 14, 2007

A love story

Today is my father's 84th birthday. My mother turned 84 last fall. For my Daddy's birthday, I went to visit them this weekend.

My father has become very fragile in the last two years or so and I worry how much longer I will have with both of them. Thank goodness my mother is in excellent health. She takes care of Daddy with his failing health and they are very devoted to each other.

My parents grew up together in the same town during the depression. They never dated even in high school, but were always close. When my father went into the Marine Corps during World War II, they corresponded. My father was severely wounded in combat in Okinawa and during his long recuperation, they stayed in touch regularly. During that time my mother worked to earn money to attend college because her family could not afford to help her. After my father recovered from his war wounds and my mother graduated from college, they got married.

In their older years, my parents have loved to travel. Over the Christmas holidays they booked a trip and my mother said it would probably be their last major trip because the travel was getting to be too much for both of them and for my father especially.

As the were flying on a late night flight to their destination, the captain of the plane suddenly came on the radio. Most of the passengers were asleep, but my parents were still awake. The captain asked that all passengers and crew fasten their seatbelts and not get up for any reason. Then he said he had some serious thinking to do.

My mother said that neither she nor my father felt any panic or fear, but they both commented that the plane must be in terrible trouble and they might be going down. Then my mother turned to my father and said, "If we crash, what a better way to go than together. I am so lucky. Our life together has been one great ride."

My parents are so fortunate. I have never seen them argue or say anything negative about each other. They laugh a lot and share good times together. Their relationship always the most important thing to them, even more important than us kids. Theirs is a true love story.

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Larry said...

that is the exact discription of my parents. I think about the loss of them most days. Since Sharon parents are gone and she is much younger than I am, I feel so lucky. My Mother and Father are 82 and 81, respectively.