Friday, October 20, 2006

Measure once, cut twice???

My husband's hobby is home improvement projects. Right now we are remodelling our house. Actually we are always in a constant state of demolition, deconstruction, and construction. I literally live in a construction zone where the furnishings often consist of ladders, sawhorses, a reciprocating saw, wet tile saw, and a pneumatic nailer, along with a huge blue shop vac on wheels that I call Robo-Vac. Dust and debris are my constant companions.

In his defense, my husband does really quality work. It just takes forever for him to complete. Amazingly, he is the creative one. But often his ideas come in the midst of construction. His method of construction is what I call build/design. This can be very frustrating at times.

Recently, he had one of those know, the kind where nothing seemed to go right. No fewer than four times did he mis-measure the sheetrock we were hanging. I kept telling him that he needed to measure twice and cut once. Somehow the instructions must have gotten turned around in his mind cause he kept mis-measuring and having to recut his pieces. At the end of the day, he complained about how little he got done....

Sweetheart, listen to your wife. It is measure twice, cut once. NOT measure once, cut twice!

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MillerKarateSkigCubDadRace said...

We have dubbed our Shop-Vac, R2D2.