Friday, January 28, 2005

A Loony Old Lady

Yesterday was my friend's father's funeral. Because he was so old, I was surprised that over 200 people attended the service. The church bells tolled 89 times, one for each year of his life. Immediately following the service, we all gathered in one of the church halls so that my friend's family could greet all the people who had taken the time to attend the funeral. My friend's 85 year old mother stood for over an hour and a half greeting each attendee personally.

As we were talking to some of the people there, an elderly woman came up and started talking with my husband and my friend's younger brother and sister. This lady (Miss H) had been their kindergarten teacher. When my husband mentioned that he had gone to kindergarten at that school, the woman asked what was his name. After he told her, she remarked that she remembered him and made several specific comments about him. He looked completely surprised by what she said.

As we walking to the car, he turned to me and said, "That woman was a loony. She had to be blowing smoke. I don't remember her." I asked him if Miss H was his kindergarten teacher or not. He replied that he did not remember who was his teacher, but said that no one could remember their students from 50 years ago. I commented that the woman seemed very sharp.

My husband dropped me off at my friend's mother's house while he went to visit his own mother who was home sick with the flu. While there, he told her about Miss H and the comments she had made about him. His mother then said, Miss H was right and she WAS your kindergarten teacher!

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